Tailored Energy Solutions


Our name really does say it all...  We tailor an optimal solution for every client, whether they are a household, or any kind of business - commercial, tourism, industrial, horticultural, agricultural or aqua-cultural.  Our approach is to take the time to properly understand your facilities and operations, allowing us to identify and evaluate all your potential energy cost-saving alternatives.


Site Visit, Audit and Review

We begin our process with a visit, tour and discussion of your equipment, processes, situation and objectives. We then work with your available data (usually 12 months of electricity bills) to establish your power and energy baseline.  This process will, of itself, begin to identify the main areas of opportunity.  It will also enable us to assess whether you are on the most suitable electricity tariff, and also whether it may attractive for you to consider an alternative energy retailer.

For larger electricity users, we may attach a data logging meter to your main switchboard or directly to your power-hungry equipment (freezers, cold-rooms, large motors, etc), to discover when peak power is needed and what financial cost these peaks are incurring.

We prepare a report of your current situation for discussion.  This includes suggested actions to reduce your costs and/or solve your specific energy problem.  We provide a complete cost/benefit analysis of implementing the plan, including the payback period and the return on the investment (ROI).

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If you proceed with any of the recommended solutions, we manage the entire project.  At least one of our 3 business partners will personally attend and manage your installation, and liaise with you to ensure that the work causes the minimum possible disruption to your day-to-day operation.

On your behalf, we also complete the necessary Ergon Energy application for approval of a grid-connected solar system.  And we discount the cost of all solar panel systems for the value of the  STCs (Small-Scale Technology Certificates that carry a valuable Federal government subsidy).  We also ensure that you access any other Government or Ergon incentives that may apply.

If desired, we can also assist with applications for low-cost finance from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) via subsidised loans from their partner banks, CBA and NAB.

Customer Care

Following project completion, we check-back within 4 weeks to ensure all is going well.  Additionally, some types of project (particularly SPS), require a follow-up visit within 2 weeks for fine-tuning of the system set-up. 

And, if you have any concerns or issues, your satisfaction as an existing customer will always take precedence over new projects.  We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients, and many have been with us for up to 5 years.  We are grateful that many of our clients are pleased to be reference sites for us.  (See a sample of our completed projects in our Services pages).

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Feed-in tariffs now range from zero to approximately 6 cents/KWh.  And most homes only use a small amount of energy during the solar day so, unless storage batteries are also installed, over-sizing a solar system is a complete waste.  The excess energy generated actually reduces the return on the investment.

Yet many installation companies still persuade their customers that large solar systems are the way to go.


Hotels & Apartment Blocks

The greatest daytime load for many apartment blocks and hotels is their swimming pool pump.  The best possible solution here (and the cheapest) is a solar pool pump, not a grid-connected solar system. 

But many installation companies simply don’t offer this advice – they’d rather sell the client the largest solar system.



Commercial/industrial businesses often install solar systems in an attempt to cover their daytime loads. 

But in many cases their daytime loads may be better addressed though the use of LEDs, VSDs, PFC and/or EMS. 

Given our first-hand experience directly managing manufacturing & processing operations, we truly  understand the cost-pressures that you face.

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