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Solar Pumps for Swimming Pools

 A pool pump is one of the largest electricity-consuming devices in your home. For some people, the cost of running a pool pump is so expensive, they choose to reduce the running hours in an effort to save money, resulting in a less-than-sparkling pool.  A better idea would be to install a solar powered pool pump:

  • You can run your pool pump directly from the sun - no electricity costs! 
  • A solar pool pump system can save you up to $1,000 a year in running costs.
  • A solar powered pool pump system can pay for itself in less than 3 years - then it's free pool pumping forever!

All sizes and shapes of pools - big or small, for homes or apartment blocks or motels, caravan parks, hotels, schools, public pools... Any situation.

Have a cleaner, clearer, healthier and more environmentally-friendly pool with a solar pump.

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