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Energy Audit and Tariff Review

An Energy Audit provides an in-depth understanding of your power demand and energy usage history, and also points the way to the most beneficial cost saving opportunities, as detailed in the energy audit report.    

The data generated by an Energy Audit makes it simple to complete a Tariff Review.  We often find that simply changing your tariff can deliver immediate, worthwhile savings. 

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Recent Projects

Capsicum Processing Factory

Capsicum Processing Factory

An Energy Audit and Tariff Review for NQ(IQF)’s capsicum processing factory in Ayr revealed a significant and simple opportunity.  By combining the electricity meters on the plant’s 2 main switchboards and changing to a demand based tariff, we achieved a cost saving of over $50,000 per year.  

General Manager Ken Bates said “Alan’s first project for NQ(IQF) was to put together an application for funding from AusIndustry’s Clean Technology Investment Fund.   We were awarded close to $200,000.  The outcome from our Energy Audit and Tariff Review is obviously another great result”.

The Bowen Tomato Company

The Bowen Tomato

The Bowen Tomato Company produces semi-dried tomatoes for export and for some of the major supermarket chains.  Tailored Energy Solutions has provided consulting services to the business for nearly 5 years now, developing plans for energy savings in almost every area of the operation.  A wide range of technologies has been applied including, for example, the use of VSDs, evacuated glass tube water heating, and solar power.  All these opportunities were a direct result of the first Business Energy Audit.

General Manager Lynley Van Lathum said “Alan has worked with us for a long time and we really appreciate his input.  Like me, he likes to work from hard data, and we have identified many process improvements and cost-saving measures”.
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