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Grid-Connected Solar System and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) means you can have your own solar power plant.

Even though the solar feed-in tariff is now much reduced, a Grid-Connected Solar Power System often still delivers a payback of between 3 and 4 years.  Given the long-life of the equipment, therefore, solar remains an extremely attractive investment.

The solar array can be installed on one roof or several, or mounted on the ground.

You can either install a smaller solar system, sized to cover only your daytime energy needs, or you can consider the benefits of installing a large solar array and a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).  Solar power generated during the daytime is stored in the BESS for use at night.  This means you don’t need to use grid-power and can be self-sufficient.  It's as though you have your own solar power plant!

And the flexibility of the equipment we use allows you to install a full system in stages.

Grid-Connected Solar

Recent Projects

Tartrus Station

Tartrus Station

Tartrus Station

Tartrus Station is a large and historically significant cattle property near Marlborough (NE of Rockhampton and SW of Sarina).  Tailored Energy Solutions analysed their power bills and load profile, and reviewed various options for reducing their cost of electricity. 

 The Station owners decided to adopt  a 2 stage plan, initially installing a 10kw, zero-export solar system, with the option of expanding the system to a fully Stand-Alone Power System as a second stage.

Tartrus Station has total confidence because they know that not only do they receive daily email status reports of their on grid solar power system – so does Tailored Energy Solutions.  So any potential problems are quickly dealt with.

Tartrus Station manager, Gordon MacNicol said “We love the remote monitoring the system provides.  We can check via the internet what is happening in real-time, how much energy is being produced, whether the solar system is meeting our entire energy demand or whether we are using some grid power also.  We are looking forward to receiving our first quarterly power bill to see what reduction in power (and therefore savings) we have achieved.”

Whitsunday Christian College

Whitsunday Christian College

This is an aerial view of the roof of the Science Block at the Whitsunday Christian College in Cannonvale of their grid connected solar power system.  Taking advantage of the temporary Ergon Energy Cannonvale incentive programme, the school decided to install a 39kW solar system.  The system comprises of 150 solar panels and 3 inverters, installed across three buildings on the Campus.  The installation also included an SMA Schools Package, which records solar panel and ambient temperatures, solar irradiation and wind speed on a daily basis.  This data can be incorporated in school science projects. 

The project will achieve a payback of 2.2 years, with a return on the investment of 45%.   Such compelling financial outcomes make a strong case to “go solar” with an on grid solar power system.

Propery Manager Maree Foote said “The children were so interested in this project they were asking questions of Alan and his crew while the installation was proceeding.  I was very pleased with the speed and efficiency of the installation, and the attention to safety.  Classes could continue, there was no disruption to our school week, and at the end the site was left perfectly clean and tidy.  The SMA schools package gives the children the opportunity to learn about solar and weather.  We are delighted with the success of this project.”

Irrigear Whitsundays

Solar System

Irrigear Whitsundays are well-respected irrigation and pumping specialists, and also the Husqvarna dealer for the Whitsunday region.   Managing Director Paul Deering is an experienced solar investor - Tailored Energy Solutions have previously installed 2 other solar systems for Paul, as well as a solar pool pump. 

At the Irrigear Carlo Drive premises, Paul took advantage of the temporary Ergon incentives to install not only a 3.75 KW grid-connected solar power system (with a Fronius inverter shown here), but also replace all his lighting with energy-efficient LEDs.

Paul said “Our solar systems have been a great investment.  Alan always explains what the benefits would be, and he is obviously careful to under-promise and over-deliver.  Our solar pool pump in particular, has performed well beyond our expectations, significantly improving the water quality in our pool.  We love solar power!”.
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