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LED Lighting

LED alternatives are available for almost all traditional types of commercial light fittings, including LED floodlights, LED streetlights, and high bay LEDs.

LED lights are now well-priced compared to other forms of lighting and yet deliver huge savings in energy use, thus making them a better energy efficient light bulbs. We have, for example, specified 100W corn lights as replacements for 400W metal halide high-bay lamps for many businesses.  In almost all cases the energy savings resulted in payback periods of less than 1 year.  We think that’s what called a “no-brainer!”

In addition to energy savings, commercial LED lighting also delivers significant emission savings, making it a pain-free exercise for a business to improve its environmental footprint.   Many businesses have set themselves emission reduction targets, and LED lights provide an opportunity to make rapid progress.

LEDs have a long life – usually 50,000 hours so that saves time and money in replacing blown lamps.  Less maintenance is always good news!

When we discuss LED lighting options with commercial clients, we bring along some samples to install temporarily, to demonstrate the improvement in light quality that they deliver.

Corn LED

Recent Projects

Whitsunday Christian College

Whitsunday Christian College

In April 2016, The Whitsunday Christian College took advantage of the temporary Ergon Incentives in the Cannonvale area to replace 526 fluorescent light tubes with LEDs.   The annual energy saving is over $7,250.  The payback period for this commercial LED lighting project is an amazing 8.3 months with a Return on Investment (ROI) of 121%!

Maree Foote, Property Manager said “What a difference it’s made to the classrooms – brighter, more natural light, much better for the students.  The guys at Tailored Energy Solutions made it so easy to get this project done, especially getting us the Ergon incentives”.

Whitsunday Food Service

Whitsunday Food Service

In May 2016, Whitsunday Food Service also took advantage of the temporary Ergon incentives in the Cannonvale area to replace 400w metal halide lamps with 100W LED Corn lights and, at the same time, replaced all their other lighting with LED equivalents.

In addition, motion sensors were fitted to all freezer rooms, delivering additional energy savings.

Operations Manager Mark Richards said “Alan presented us with the idea of replacing all lighting throughout our premises with LED’s to bring down the base load demand. This was a resounding success. With the inclusion of sensors to the high bay lighting, it’s been amazing to learn just how much electricity was being needlessly consumed in these rooms while no employees were operating in them. I am eagerly awaiting my next bill to truly see where this commercial LED lighting project will benefit my company.
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