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Solar Water Pumping

Our Lorentz and Franklin Solar Water Pumps offer a wide range of submersible and surface pumps for water transfer, irrigation and swimming pools. They are now available up to an amazing 45kW, and incorporate many advanced features such as remote pump monitoring and power blending of AC and DC supplies.  

Solar Water Pumps can replace the electric and petrol or diesel powered water pumps in any application – bores, irrigation and swimming pools.  Solar water pump installations are sized to deliver the daily water requirement during the solar day.  If night-time pumping is required, then the solar pump can be switched to run from the grid, a generator, or even a battery system.

Remote Pump Monitoring allows the owner to review pump data from multiple pumps from the comfort of their home or office.  It also delivers immediate notice of any pump problem.  So you will no longer need to travel to the pump to check its operation or, even better, carry the petrol or diesel needed to fill a generator fuel tank.

This provides peace of mind for people with critical pumping operations such as crop irrigation or stock watering, and routine processes such as tank filling and water (or waste water) transfer.

Finally, when installed by a Clean Energy Council accredited installer such as Tailored Energy Solutions, solar water pumps qualify for STCs (Small-scale Technology Certificates), a very welcome government incentive. 

Please note - STCs can be claimed for solar pump systems retrospectively for up to 12 months from their date of installation. It only requires an accredited installer such as Tailored Energy Solutions to inspect and certify the installation.  See the project story below.

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Dolphins Barn Pool


Recent Projects

Swans Lagoon Station

Heatleys Bore

Swans Lagoon Station is a cattle property 200 km west of Ayr.  Tailored Energy inspected and made necessary modifications to an existing solar pump installation.  This system, plus 2 others that were correctly installed, then qualified for STCs to the value of over $3,600 for the owners - a wonderful cash bonus.

Tailored Energy Solutions then installed a further 5 solar bore pumps across this large station, each pumping 35,000 – 45,000 litres per day, with ground-mounted solar power systems and using Lorentz submersible pumps.  Naturally, these 5 new installations all attracted STCs also, making the project financially viable.

Station Manager David Roberts said “We’ve been very pleased with the installations from Alan Day and his crew.  Most importantly, we had a couple of early issues, but Tailored Energy Solutions were there to deal with them very quickly.  I think it might have even been the very next day”.

Cattle property - Mount Charlton Road


At a small cattle property at Mount Charlton Road, north of Rockhampton in Central Queensland, we installed a solar water pump to both supply the homestead and water the cattle.

This was followed with a solar power system on the homestead, delivering a payback on this investment of 3.5 years.

Owners Archie and Jenny Black said “We are delighted with our solar water pump, it’s so much easier for us, especially as Jenny is alone at the homestead so often – it just runs itself, no need to start it up or refill the diesel all the time.  We are very happy and would recommend Alan and his partners to anyone”.

Marble Island


On Marble Island (Dukes Group) off the coast of Rockhampton, we installed a solar-powered Lorentz submersible pump in the main dam, pumping water to the homestead 1.8 km away and over 3 hills reaching 26 metres above the dam water level.  This was with just a single 190W solar panel!  The picture shows the route of the pipeline.

Island Manager Peter Laity said “None of us could believe it would work! One tiny solar panel, and the pump looked pretty small as well.  When water started pouring into the water tanks at the homesteads, it was party time”.
Lorentz Ergon