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Off Grid Stand-Alone Power Systems

An off-grid Stand-Alone Power System (SPS) will give you total independence from the national electricity grid.

Tailored Energy Solutions will design and install a customised solar-plus-battery solution that will generate solar power during the day, for use any time.  Each day, the sun shines on your solar panels, powering your home and charging your battery.  At night, your home draws electricity from your battery, so you can enjoy clean, sustainable energy 24/7.

An SPS typically includes a solar array and solar inverter, a battery and battery inverter, and a back-up generator.  Top-quality inverters incorporate sophisticated power management technologies that allow us to use an installation design called AC Coupling.  This capability, together with today’s lower cost of solar panels, means that higher system capacity can be built-in at lower cost.

A stand-alone solar system means you can use the sun's clean energy "round the clock".  Also known as off-grid power, or off-grid solar, an SPS will give you complete independence and sustainability.

SPS installations also qualify for Renewable Energy Certificates (STCs).

Recent Projects

Glendale Station

Glendale Stand-Alone Power System

Glendale Solar
Glendale Station

is a cattle property situated north-west  of Ayr.  Owners Jeff & Karyn Johnson had been relying on generator power for many years, and decided it was time to invest in their own off grid solar installation .

Tailored Energy Solutions designed and installed an AC coupled SPS with a 12.6kW array, a 60kWh battery, and an 11.5kVA diesel generator.

This photograph of the solar power plant was taken before the battery covers were fitted.

Brett and Sean from Tailored Energy Solutions lived on site for 4 days to carry out the installation.  Jeff and Karyn held a "Power Party" the first night after the system was commissioned and "generated" a lot of  interest amongst their neighbours!

Station owner Jeff said ”Brett and Sean made the installation a really enjoyable experience and they’re welcome to call by anytime.  We’re really enjoying the peace and quiet – no generators!.  We’d recommend Tailored Energy Solutions any time – in fact, we already have”.

Bloomsbury Cattle Property

Bloomsbury Stats

Bloomsbury Power Centre before battery covers were fitted Photograph of the power centre before the battery covers were fitted.

Bob Bauer asked Tailored Energy Solutions to design and install an SPS for his cattle property at Bloomsbury.

We recommended a Selectronics inverter / charger for Bob’s off-grid power system.

This system has now been working faultlessly over to 3 years.

Bob said “The guys did a great job of this installation.  As a tradesman myself, I know good work when I see it.  The system has performed brilliantly – and I haven’t even needed to install a generator yet.  I strongly recommend off-grid solar."

"After this experience I decided to ask Brett and Alan to install a solar bore pump."

"And they also fixed the solar system on my other property.  It hadn’t been installed correctly by the original installer”.
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